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Kiwi II was founded in 1982 by two New Zealanders (Kiwi's) , hence the name Kiwi II. We started as an installation crew installing steel buildings of all shapes and sizes. These included aircraft hangers, strip malls, business parks and self storage projects. In the early 1980's self storage was really still trying to find its way as far as an industry as even various building departments were not sure which codes applied to storage. Many of the early projects we were involved with were designed with two or three parking spaces for each storage unit as they were treated the same as business parks. It was also not uncommon to have water, power and sewage stubbed out to the units as the owners wanted a Plan B if this storage thing did not work out.

As things progressed the owners that built and filled these got a real appetite for this new Storage Product, as they proved easy to manage and they had good returns. The design and construction methods of these were still being taken from the business park mentality with clear span wood framed buildings with drywall unit dividers. Our scope of work on these early projects mostly involved installing standing seam roofs on the wood framing. We recognized the potential growth of this market early as we developed many great relationships with owners and developers. We were able to bring our steel framing experience to the design side of storage and helped develop many of the framing designs and strategies used today such as the 5 x 10 grid post and purlin system. Almost all of the buildings at this early stage where single story long rectangle buildings. This however is rarely the case these days as the cost of land and build costs, city requirements and competition have required owners and architects to become very creative with designs yet remain cost effective.

As a company we have developed alongside the storage industry and cater to almost exclusively to this market and have become one of the few "One stop Shops". In the early 90's my original partner Larry Mingins moved back to New Zealand where we have continued to build storage. In 1999 Robert Walker joined the company as vice President with Wayne Woolsey and Brian Foley joining and becoming partners soon after and all have been instrumental in expanding and shaping the company. As our clients went nationwide we followed them realizing early on that controlling the quality and performance on projects nationwide would require good committed people that we could pass on our knowledge and experience. Today we still have many of our original employees running our multiple installation crews nationwide or otherwise involved in the company. Inculsive of this we have a full drafting and engineering department with many years of experience in the industry capable of creating anything from full 3D models to quick one dimensional layouts on potential sites for client budgets. We also hired on an in house engineer that we had worked with very closely from early on with designs and has been involved in the storage industry with us from the start.

We have learned the importance to have an engineer involved that knows the self storage building system, the specific shear and load requirements for a storage building. In the later part of 2008 we expanded our outside sales team adding Terry Conners based in Denver CO, the role to expand our client base and make sure our existing clients continue to have the personal contact they have been used to. We have also operated on the east coast for many years headed up by Wayne Woolsey and maintained by many late night flights and long hours. Although we decided to open an office in Orlando Florida some time ago we did not move forward with this until we found the right person. Ralston Toughey has worked with us for many years and has the talent and drive we were looking for. He and Wayne now head up the East Coast division and make a great team.

The company today has become the "one stop shop" we were after and it has put us in the fore front of the industry from the drawings, engineering, manufacturing, installation labor and project support. We have a combined staff nationwide of about 120. We specialize in self storage and have done so for many years. We have a long list of customer referrals and partner relationships with General Contractors, Architects, Feasibility Companies, Door Companies that we can refer.

Ask around, Kiwi II is a well respected company in the storage industry and we have a long list of customer referrals nationwide we can provide for your review.


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