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James Petrocelli - Bellport NY,
November 28, 2018
The Self Storage Vault
We couldn't be more satisfied with the level of professionalism and courtesy both in pre-construction and construction of our facilities. As we look forward to future acquisitions, the team at KIWI has become a key component in our developments bringing true craftsmanship and dependability to the overall success of our properties.
The Highest recommendation possible
Thank you again.!
Fred Hanhauser
February 25, 2014
DAI General Contracting would like to pass on its recommendation of Kiwi II Construction.
We have worked together for the last 8 years on over 10 projects and all of them have been quality projects completed in a timely manner. Further, Kiwi II Construction is an honest, easy to work with, problem solving contractor. Kiwi II Construction brings their experience based solutions to each project minimizing delays, change orders, and other potential disruptions.
Currently, they are working with us on the Monte Vista Distribution Center, located at 14211 Monte Vista Ave. Chino CA. Should you need additional information, please feel free to contact me.
Brian L. Hogan
February 21, 2014
Loomis Self Storage
I entered the Storage Business in 2004 as a neophyte. I bought the land and the approved plans for the facility from the seller. I was unfamiliar with the KIWI II company that had been selected to build the actual storage buildings. I called the Southern California headquarters and spoke to a Mr. Robert Walker.
Within a week, Robert was on our Northern California site to meet with me and explain the project. He could not have been more professional or helpful. In fact, the first this I asked was could we change the plans because I had improvements in mind and he quickly agreed to modify the plans to our needs.
Once the slabs and aisle ways were in, the crew from KIWI II showed up. They were led by a gentleman named Darran Woodger. Darran and his crew could not have been more dedicated to a quality build. They worked tirelessly to make sure the project was completed on time. More importantly, any questions to change requests were handled professionally.
We opened Phase 1 in late 2004 and needed to start Phase 2 in mid-2007. KIWI ii quickly developed the plans and re-arranged schedules so we could add an additional building in about a 6 week timeframe. In 2009, we again called KIWI ii to add another building.
At each of these building projects Robert, Darran and the behind the scenes KIWI team could not have been more responsive. In two if the projects, they were able to hold steel pricing so we would not feel the impact of the steel price increase.
Three words describe KIWI II team: Professionalism, Integrity and Trust. If you are considering a Storage Project, I would highly recommend you meet the team behind the KIWI II name.
Steve Manfredi
February 21, 2014
All Star Super Storage
Kiwi II Construction has the "WOW" factor. Their pricing and quality of construction are excellent. They begin and complete jobs on time. Their engineering department is talented, precise, and knowledgeable. I have been in the mini-storage construction business since 2002 and I have found the Kiwi team to be the most professional, courteous and competent steel construction team that I have contracted with. Give them a call, and you will find out why they are such a pleasure to work with.
Rick S. Bennion
February 20, 2014
Forest Line Construction
Our company just completed a $4 Million dollar, 3 story self storage building in Utah. We came to Kiwi II Construction, Inc. in a serious pinch as our current steel building supplier out of Washington was causing us problems. They were not delivering our Engineering when promised. They were making huge payment demands and threatening substantial price increases on a signed contract. Those prices were supposed to be locked, but they tried to take advantage of us with the rising market prices as the excuse.

Faced with huge time constraints, cost escalations, and liquidated damages on our project, we turned to Kiwi II Construction. They gave us a proposal to complete the work that was very competitive and locked it regardless of the rising market. We had to completely re-engineer the plans and re-submit to the city a 3 story, 100,000 square foot building. It was a serious, daunting task at the time. After checking references and consulting with Kiwi II, we felt we had a better chance of a successful project by starting from scratch with them as opposed to continuing with the other company. We made the switch and never regretted it. It took them a month to do what it took the previous company over 3 months to do just in the design process. Their erection crew erected the building in half of the time we had allocated on the schedule.

It was not an easy job for them or for us as the General Contractor. We both dealt with many difficult changes on the fly and Kiwi II took it in stride even when they were justified in charging a change order. We never heard one threat or complaint of having to raise their price even while steel prices were on the rise. They gave us a solid, competitive price and held to it, not to mention, they exceeded our expectations on their performance.

I was very impressed with their professionalism throughout the whole job. They handled all disputes and problems (and there weren't many) with respect and fairness. They were team players and didn't just look out for themselves. I would do business with them again in a heartbeat. They made us look good as a General Contractor and never put us in a position of embarrassment. If you are on the fence at all on selecting them on your project, I hope I can convince you that you would make the right choice by going with Kiwi II Construction.
Robert Stacks
February 20, 2014
San Diego Contracting
Kiwi II has been an intricate part of our General Contracting business for the better part of 9-years. Over that time they have completed a number of project for us but none as big or complicated as Bressi Ranch Self Storage in Carlsbad, CA. That project covered 180,000sf consisting of 4-buildings each different from the next in that some were single story, some 2-story, and some 3-story. Our schedule for this project was very aggressive and required that Kiwi II have multiple crews onsite to handle the multiple buildings at the same time to allow for a 11-month overall schedule, 5-months faster than our nearest competitor. They were an integral part of the overall team and allowed our project to meet its target date even thru a very wet winter by working with our field personnel on material delivers, manpower, crane use and for 85' roof panels in an active flight zone, and design issues that came up thru-out the project to complete it with no change orders. We us them whenever we can and once they are on our team we can rest assured that all issues that relate to their work will be don in an expedient timeframe.
Glen R. MCClish
February 20, 2014
Facility Development Corporation
Facility Development Corporation (FDC) is a large commercial-industrial construction and design company operating in the Western United States and specializing in building and facilities for the self storage industry. FDC and its principals have been in continuous business since 1972, making 2012 our 40the successful year. To learn more about us, visit

Along the way, we have met and worked with tens of thousands of subcontractors in all the sub-trades. Over these many years, a small handful of subcontractors stand out. KIWI II is such a company. Robert Walker, Wayne Woolsey, Pete Brady and their fine team have been FDC’s "Go To" self storage specialist for as long as we have known them. Typically, KIWI II provides our metal package on a turn-key basis. They have performed flawlessly over the life of our relationship, and when we have encountered the inevitable issues that do come up, they rolled up their sleeves and always met the challenge without reservation. They are committed to excellence on all fronts.

On occasion, FDC has worked with the other entire self storage specialist because of owner preference, previous relationships that we inherited, etc Most of the other business and no longer in business, and those that are can’t hold a candle to KIWI II. KIWI II has set the bar so high that it just doesn't make sense to deal with anybody else. Further, we know the market, the steel industry and what things should cost. Not once in all the years we have worked together has KIWI II ever inflated their pricing. They believe in establishing long-term relationships and work hard at maintaining them. To paraphrase some popular jargon of today, "they have our back and we have theirs!"

If it would be of assistance to you, I would be happy to discuss our long-term and ongoing relationship with the finest self storage specialize in America today, KIWI II.
William G. Godbey
February 20, 2014
Westport Properties, Inc
In today's world, it is hard to find individuals and companies that actually live up to their commitments. When you find one, I think they should be congratulated and that is why I am writing this letter to you.
In the construction and development industry, time and quality are becoming harder and harder to obtain. Your company an on site crews have exceeded my expectations on our project. From the preliminary estimate, final estimate, contract and actual delivery and installations, Kiwi II showed nothing but professionalism and commitment to my project. If asked if I would contract with Kiwi II in the future, my answer would be a resounding yes.
Again thanks for your completions of my project on time with no change order requests.
I look forward to working with you and your staff in the future.
David Ristig
February 20, 2014
RMB Properties, Inc.
I have known Wayne Woosley and most of the fellows at Kiwi II for least the last 15 years. I ran the Real estate Dept. for public storage for a number of years, and got to know him while there. I have always found Wayne to be up front and very knowledgeable. He has only gotten better with his time in the business. I have first hand knowledge of how he tackles problems and/or issues during the construction phase. he is extremely fair and bends over backwards to make ownership happy. I believe his trade to be extremely critical in the time line. While there are several steel companies that are capable, very few will go to the lengths that Wayne will go in order to do the job correctly and efficiently. Kiwi's pre-planning is very beneficial to the end result. I highly recommend Wayne and Kiwi II and look forward to the day I use their services again.
Jim Meservey
January 26, 2014
As an owner, developer and contractor of over 100 Self Storage facilities in the Southwest, our success has been directly attributable to the construction partners we have aligned ourselves with over the years.
Kiwi 11 is by far the "Shining Star" of this group. Kiwi II is the definition of Quality, Value and Customer Service. They build each project like it is their own. In a world where the "Bottom-Line" is valued over "Quality", and "Budget" is more important than "Relationship and Customer Service", it is reassuring to have a contractor that doesn't make us sacrifice one for the other.
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