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Beam & Purlin Building Systems

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This light gauge steel building system is designed to maximize developmental flexibility by providing specialty open floor plans. Further customization with movable wall and partition systems is available to meet individual needs.


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  • Beams can span up to 40 feet, allowing for open floor plans.
  • 26 GA Galvalume®
  • Partitions allow for movable wall systems and easy mix adjustments.
  • Designs for all states and local codes - including high wind areas in coastal regions.
  • Compatibility with virtually any exterior finish, such as masonry block, tilt-up construction, brick or synthetic finishes like stucco or Dryvit®.
  • Coordinate trim with pre-finished 24 GA gutters, downspouts and barge.
  • All Galvalume® products carry 20 year material warranties.


  • Three-piece pier system with pre-painted pier caps.
  • Roof insulation can be added to reduce condensation.
  • Pre-painted siding panels and fascia systems.
  • Separation walls and additional roof insulation for maximum climate control efficiency.
  • High pitched roofs for increased visibility.

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