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Pre-Engineered Steel Structures

Kiwi II Construction's design team combines a field of talent ranging from engineers, designers, and field personal with over 130 years of combined steel building construction experience.

Kiwi II will design your self-storage construction project in a quick and timely manner. Our steel building designs are cost efficient for you, and we always emphasize simplicity while meeting your budget.

Our experience in the self-storage industry and the construction of steel buildings helps us to value engineer your pre-engineered steel building and/or self-storage construction project, helping you to maximize your profit from the outset. Self-storage facility construction is our specialty, so let us help make your next project a success.

Kiwi II Construction has designed, supplied & installed over 30,000,000 sq.ft. of self-storage facilities nationwide. We have access to many general contractors, architects and subcontractors familiar with self-storage, conversions, steel storage, which we work with, to get your project done within budget and on time.

We have seen many changes in the storage construction industry. Many owners are adapting existing metal or steel buildings to self-storage facilities. These conversions use purpose built buildings that are designed and engineered specifically for self-storage. These self-storage construction projects range from simple single story, boat & RV storage facilities to large multi-story storage facilities.

Many of these buildings are now designed with towers, mansards and different exterior appearances to appease city planners and neighboring residents who no longer want big "square metal boxes" in their backyard.

We realize that it is the architect's job to get the building appearance approved, and, it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so, as agencies require more and more "gingerbread framing" to get approval. It then becomes our job at Kiwi II, with our team of designers, draftsmen and engineers, to make a buildable and cost effective steel building, while still accommodating the city, the architect and our clients.

Aligning yourself with an experienced architect and engineer that is familiar with self-storage construction is by far the easiest way to assure the success of your self-storage project. Kiwi II Construction has layout and design concepts that have already been proven to work, both structurally and conceptually, and within the specific codes that apply to self-storage. Kiwi II Construction has years of experience in the world of self-storage construction and pre-engineered steel buildings.

Whatever the state of your design, from a sketch on a napkin to a fully designed site plan, Kiwi II Construction, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to work with you.

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